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No Celcius

Why not keep this app in the US store if youre not going to bother acknowledging the rest of the planet?

Buy but its free

Buy...buy.....buy if you want this or that. But its free. Bye.

Fixes the boring Weather Conversation

Whether is awesome! This app fixes the boring "How about that weather" conversation at the water-cooler, when you have no other small talk. Now if someone asks, you can tell them that a year ago it was warmer/cooler/raining/humid and anywhere in between!

Good start

Great visuals, but how do you change units? I dont want temp in Fahrenheit, where are the settings??

It still needs work

App experience can be improved, like a lot.


Cool app. It would be nice if the ads would go away after I paid the $3.

Clean, simple and beautiful design.

Its oddly fun to explore the map and see weather changes year to year.

Upgrade and KEEP the ads!

Cardinal App Store sin - paid upgrade does not remove ads. Because of this...and its crashing constantly, its gone.

Great concept - not sure of its accuracy..

I love the idea of this app, and if it giving accurate information its fun. Unfortunately, in the week I have had this, last years temp hasnt changed. I am not a walking weather bureau, but I find it had to believe that for 7 days straight last year the temperature never varied from 21 degrees...

Great App!

This is a great app! Ill be using this and not the built-in weather app.

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